Getting Debt Advice From The Bureau

Where can I get advice?

We operate from a number of locations across North East Derbyshire and Bolsover Districts including GP surgeries.

Our general telephone advice line (freephone) is open 10am-2pm Monday to Friday (0808 2505702) but unfortunately we do not offer advice by email.

What should I have ready before my interview?

It would greatly assist our advisers (and may save you valuable time) if you could fill in a Debt Enquiry Sheet as fully as possible prior to contacting the bureau.

We have produced a guide to help you fill in the Debt Enquiry Sheet so that all the relevant information can be at hand before the interview takes place. We have included a number of useful links throughout the guide to help you complete the enquiry sheet.

After completing the Debt Enquiry Sheet, it may be useful to look through the rest of this website as this may help you understand your situation and the possible options and solutions available to you before you contact the bureau.

Whether you are having a phone or face-to-face interview, please have as much of the following as possible with you:

Mortgage/Rent Arrears

It will greatly assist our advisers and could save valuable time if you gather together as much information as possible before any interview.

What will happen during my interview?

Clients of North East Derbyshire CAB who require advice and assistance with their debts / financial problems will be asked to provide as much information as possible relating to their debts based upon our standard debt enquiry sheet.

As debt is becoming an evermore complex area, the information we request is important as it allows us to establish your overall circumstances. This enables us to more accurately explore your options (both long term and short term) and to advise you on the most appropriate solutions.

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