Priority Debts

The law states that some debts are more important than others and give creditors different options to recover their money. These are called priority debts and should always be dealt with and paid before less important non-priority debt. (Always check any insurance cover re: priority debts).

Examples of Priority Creditors

If you have problems with priority creditors, don't wait for arrears to mount up or for legal action to commence, contact them as soon as possible (examples below). You may need to draw up a detailed income/expenditure form (Financial Statement) outlining your offers - see the CABmoney Budgeting & Debt Calculator for information and help with a Financial Statement.

If you require in depth advice and information on dealing with priority debts (including court hearings, eviction & bailiffs) there are a number of fact sheets on our website covering these issues. Alternatively, you can contact the bureau for further advice.

Please see the "What are my options?" section for further in depth advice and information on dealing with your creditors and debts.

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