Charity Applications and Grants

If you are struggling to make ends meet or have debt problems, one option that may be worth looking at is making an application for a grant from a charitable organisation.

There are many different charitable organisations that may be able to help depending on your particular circumstances.

On occasions, charitable applications can play a useful part in overall debt advice strategy.

Help available could include grants for:

There are usually forms to complete (e.g. EDF application form) when making an application to a charity for grant assistance and other documental proof sometimes requested, for example: benefit & income details, up to date bills, medical evidence, armed forces reference & details.

You may need to provide a statement of affairs or financial statement as part of the application form or as a separate document.

It may be necessary or helpful potential increased success wise to seek the assistance of a recognised debt and money advice worker or other caseworker when making an application to charitable organisations.

Charity grant applications may take a number of weeks to be processed before a decision is made on whether it has been successful or not.

The Turn2us website has a wealth of information on grants and where to apply.

Other useful sites and information

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