Non-Priority Debts

These include numerous types of debts where the creditor does not have the extra powers of recovery (for example they cannot take your home or seize goods). This means they will not have to be treated as priority and offers only made after arrangements have been agreed with your priority creditors.

Common Examples of Non-priority Debts

If you have problems paying your non-priority creditors you should always check if you have any relevant insurance cover on your accounts.

Others Which May Be Non-priority (depending on circumstances)

Please note that it is common practice for some non-priority creditors to attempt to pressure people into paying them before more important priority debts. Examples are doorstep collectors, collection agencies and call centres. You should always make sure that your priority creditors have been dealt with before making arrangements with, or paying any non-priority creditors.

You should always check your creditor correspondence as non-priority creditors sometimes take legal action including County Court Judgments (CCJs). If you do receive a Court Claim, you will need to respond within a set time. Don't panic, check the details before completing and returning the relevant form. If you are not sure about anything get immediate independent advice.

If you have problems paying your non-priority creditors or any other debts you should get proper independent impartial advice on all your options and solutions before making any decisions on a course of action.

Please see the "What are my options?" section for further in depth advice and information on dealing with your creditors and debts.

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